A shared path towards circularity

Jan 1, 2018

 CEFLEX scope is to make flexible packaging more relevant to the circular economy, by advancing better system design solutions resulting from the collaboration of the companies represented in the consortium.

The consortium represents all the main players along the value chain: raw materials suppliers, packaging converters, brand owners and retailers, producer responsibility organizations, collectors, sorters and recyclers, as well as other technology suppliers and end users of the secondary raw materials.

Aim of our participation is to contribute actively to all relevant initiatives as a nylon resin and nylon film producer, by developing suitable solutions for circular economy purposes, whenever nylon resin and nylon film are needed.

DOMO is already part of the following CEFLEX working groups:

  • Design Guidelines for flexible packaging in a circular economy
  • Understand/map the European flexible packaging market
  • Develop a sustainable business case for collecting all flexible packaging


To know more visit: https://ceflex.eu/press-release-new-flexible-packaging-industry-consortium/