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Our new nylon film is the fruit of a redesigned production process aimed at minimizing our carbon footprint. It was our first big tangible step towards environmental sustainability.

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Data based on Jindal Life Cycle Assessment and ECOINVENT 3.3

The most sustainable nylon film

Nyleen™ is the nylon film with a lower carbon footprint. Thanks to our selection and homologation of Nylon resins performing lowest market emissions and to our finely tuned and monitored production process, this major innovation is a nylon film of the highest quality with an average environmental impact up to 28% less than standard nylon film production.

Why Nyleen has lower CO2 emissions

In collaboration with a leading international sustainability consulting company (Quantis), we have investigated the opportunity to add value to our product based on credible environmental metrics. We have used a life cycle assessment to map out a synergic strategic environmental journey aimed at designing a continuous-improvement action plan to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

Process integration

The biggest single influence on our carbon footprint is the nylon resin. As a historical Nylon film player, we benefit from fully integrated resins producers, enabling us to reduce this impact by taking control of each step in the production process.


Our energy mix just gets greener

The second-biggest influence on our carbon footprint is our energy consumption. We have already responded by hiking the proportion of renewable sources used in our Cesano Maderno plant from 25% to 100%, to slash the CO2 impact by some 30%.

Being close to our customers

Considering proximity to our customers a key value we may bring in terms of service and competitiveness, we keep on leveraging on it, optimizing the efficiency of our logistical processes, also for improving the level of our environmental impact.