End-to-end nylon

We are the only company in the nylon film segment that can manage and operate the entire production supply chain, offering unique benefits for customers and the environment.

What sets our products apart

We have taken the first step with Nyleen™, the nylon film we make in a continually improving production process designed to achieve – and maintain – the lowest carbon footprint in the market.

Lower CO2 emissions

­­­­We are part of the flexible packaging value chain and we are committed to contribute to lower environmental impact. Based on our superlative performance driven technology we are capable to offer sustainable solutions.

100% Traceability

We select, check and validate all our raw materials, and we continuously monitor and measure our performance throughout the transformation process in our plants. This is how we guarantee complete traceability and consistent quality for every component of our products.

Value for money

Our products offer truly unbeatable TVO (total value of ownership). By overseeing the entire production cycle, through the vertical integration of the different transformation phases, we can improve efficiency and maximize added value.


Quality consistency

We pride ourselves on our nylon film’s consistently superior performance – the fruit of our scrupulous attention to monitoring and controlling every single production stage.

Horizontal integration

We close the loop of nylon 6 by recovering and recycling our post-industrial feedstock into high quality engineering compounds for injection moulding.