As PA6 specialists, we create value-added tailor-made solutions based on nylon film, offering products with high performances and services of excellent quality.

Technologic avant-garde

We were the first company in Europe and are today still the only exclusive licensee of the patented Japanese technology “double bubble”. This simultaneous stretching technology yields an unrivalled nylon film with superior properties compared to the other film extrusion technologies on the market. The result is a perfectly isotropic, balanced, homogeneous film with unmatched puncture, impact and flex-crack resistance.

The films based on this technology are ideally suited to retort applications, liquid packaging and high-speed processing.

Benefits of our nylon film

Mechanical properties, flexibility and durability

Nylon film is the ideal material for an array of application uses. Superior mechanical properties together with an effective gas and aroma barrier are an ideal fit for the critical, rigorous requirements of the flexible-packaging world.

Thanks to its tubular simultaneous “double-bubble” technology, our nylon film achieves a perfect isotropic balance, guaranteeing unmatched puncture, impact and flex-crack resistance. It is ideal for retort applications, liquid packaging and high-speed processing, as well as for printing, achieving outstanding functional and aesthetic results.

Our products

Filmon® BX

Our simultaneous stretching BOPA nylon film is a good gas and aroma barrier with high tensile strength and elastic modulus, unmatched puncture, impact and flex-crack resistance, and excellent clarity and transparency. These properties combine to make our FILMON® BX range the perfect solution in all converting processes such as printing, lamination and coating.

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Filmon® CS

Our coextruded multilayer CPA (cast non-oriented) nylon film offers good mechanical, gas and aroma barrier properties, superb optical properties (high gloss and transparency), and excellent thermoforming properties.

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